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How to add the ETH standard token to the MetaMask?

Mar 25 , 2021 | 2180
How to add the ETH standard token to the MetaMask?

MetaMask is the very basic and necessary one for the Token users, to buy, sell, store and other purpose. Here we are going to have a quick sweep of how to add your ERC standard token to the MetaMask.

Table of the Content:

* What is MetaMask?
* Benefits of MetaMask
* How to create an account in MetaMask?
* How to add your ETH token on MetaMask?

Once you have created ETH Token by TheTokenLauncher then it needs to be stored in cryptocurrency wallet like, MetaMask to buy, sell, store or swap. For that, the very basic thing to do is add your built ERC token to the MetaMask.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet which is available in the extension type for various browsers like chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi which makes the things easier for the web application to communicate with Ethereum blockchain. This indicates that, it act as a bridge in the form of browser extension. And further it allow to communicate with smart contract and DApps.

Benefits of MetaMask

As it is a well known Crypto Wallet which is available for both the infamous devices desktop/laptop as well as mobile makes even more tempting for the usage. MetaMask also includes various other benefits, which are,

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated crypto exchange - makes exchange simple & easier
  • Hierarchical deterministic settings - Makes users can easily backup their account
  • Open Source software - implies large development community that contribute
  • Private Keys are stored safely in local computers not in MetaMask - so assets are safe
  • MetaMask connect automatically with our platforms
  • Easy To use
  • Secure Service

Let's we can get into the topic....

How to Create An Account in MetaMask?

Before that, create an ID in MetaMask by following steps.

Step - 1: Install the MetaMask in your browser.

Step - 2: Click get started

Step - 3: Select "Click Wallet" or "Import Wallet" based on requirement

Step - 4: Select Agree

Step - 5: Create an account with strong password

Now, you can easily see your address in the Ethercan

How to Add Your ETH Token in MetaMask?

Generally, the added tokens in the MetaMask will be listed under Assets sector, like below.

If not, then you can add the token to MetaMask manually by the simple steps listed below.

Step - 1: Unlock the MetaMask with your password first.

Step - 2: Open the MetaMask by clicking the extension, then  select Add token.

Step - 3: Then, two types of search section will be opened. If the token is a popular one then it can be easily identified via simple search tab, like below.

Else, if its a new one then follow the below step.

Step - 4: Copy & paste your Token Contract Address and the rest of the two sections will filled automatically below.

Note: You can find the Token creation contract address in our application itself, once you have created the token. Else,

You can also lookout your token contract address at Etherscan by following link address https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/(Token Owner Address)

Step - 5: Click "Next"

Step - 6: Select "Add Tokens"

Step - 7: Then for the token a secret "Back Up" window will pop out which has the secret code. Copy that Phrase and save it in confidential place.

Step - 8: Then in the "Confirm Your Secret Backup Phrase" - select the phrase word by word properly and finally select "All Done" button.

Step - 9: All set done, your selected token will be listed in your account.


Note: Just Compare the first pic and the above pic.

Thus, your ERC token is added to the MetaMask. Hope this blog will be useful and beneficial.

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